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Value-Added Consulting

Our industry experts are on hand to help advise you on how best to improve your business practices, whether it is helping to choose a solution to move to a multivendor environment or implementing a controlled language program.

Multivendor & Multiplatform Workflows

We are experienced in hosting and participating in multivendor and multiplatform environments. Our technology agnostic approach guarantees a smooth transition across units, as well as the standardization and harmonization of workflows.

Content Creation Best Practices (STE)

If your business is finding it difficult to author good quality content and at the same time reduce translation costs then Simplified Technical English may just be your answer. We provided on-site and off-site Simplified Technical English (STE) training based on the international standard (ASD-STE100). STE aims to make technical documentation easy to understand, regardless of which language it is communicated in. Our consultants will provide an implementation methodology for these STE best practices allowing your team to increase consistency, quality and authoring productivity across all your documentation.


With our internationalization expertise you will be able to design your software applications to be compatible with various languages and regions. Our engineering team will guide you on how best to audit your code, optimize your software for international release and in addition, provide best practices for localization so that you understand the challenges even before you start translating.

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