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Global Software Solutions

With our in-house development team we customize solutions and provide our clients with access to a wide range of tools to suit their specific needs. When partnering with us, most of these tools will be included in our service offering.

Project Management Workflow

Our Project Management workflow will help you build a scalable, repeatable and measurable program by deploying our in-house and open standards TMS system. Through our localization platform we tailor pre-programmed automated processes that fit your business requirements.

Translation Memory & Terminology Management

We create Translation Memory and Terminology databases each time a new project is submitted to us. The databases are solely owned by our clients, with access to them 24/7 worldwide. Using our in-house TMS system, we can store and share these databases with our linguists and even the client's other language suppliers to ensure consistency from project to project.

Review Applications

We offer a wide selection of review applications, simplifying and streamlining the in-country review process. Your in-country review specialists’ input can be fed back to the translation format automatically, which dramatically speeds up final review cycles. Additionally, non-standard content types can be reviewed with offline tools ensuring full traceability of changes implemented by reviewers.

Web Proxy Server App

Our website proxy server app has simplified the way we localize websites. There is no need for messy file management each time you want to update your websites as our app automatically detects and extracts content changes from your source website each time you make them. 

Content Management System Integration

Content Management Systems allow you to collect, store and organize your content all in one central location. We will advise you on which CMS solutions suits your business the most, or will simply help you integrate your CMS system and centralize your content for easy access and greater reusability. With CMS you will streamline the way in which your business shares content within your organization and the way in which you publish content across various media types.

Customized Client Portal

At SH3, we will provide your business with access to our in-house Client Portal. The portal is accessible 24/7 via web browser and will be made available to all your localization stakeholders. With this system, your team can request quotes, submit projects, track progress and even analyze spend through the advanced Business Analytics suite.

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