Talking Translations at the AEM Product Safety and Compliance Seminar

March 29, 2016

Preparations are already underway for the upcoming AEM Product Safety and Compliance Seminar. Tanya Bredow and Karen Hensley will be representing SH3, an Argos Multilingual company at the upcoming seminar and in addition they will be presenting on “What, How and When? Working with a Translation Agency.
We decided to have a chat with both Tanya and Karen about their presentation, AEM’s seminar and translation in the manufacturing industry. 

What do you believe attendees can gain from attending the AEM Product Safety and Compliance Seminar?

Karen: This particular seminar offers an excellent opportunity for professionals to network with their peers in the industry and discuss common challenges and solutions. The topics discussed are timely and relevant to the critical nature of safety and compliance for industrial manufacturers. Whether you are new to the industry or have attended this annual seminar for many years, you will walk away feeling like it was time very well spent. 

Your presentation touches on various aspects of translation, but what is the main message you want attendees to go away with?

Tanya: Translation is not a commodity like nuts or bolts. It’s a human service and there are many variables affecting the outcome. By taking a partnership approach and viewing their LSP as an extension of their own internal teams, you can work together to create a smooth translation program that supports their company’s long-term goals.

What is one of the biggest challenges manufacturers face when translating their content?

Tanya: Technical content can be updated at a rapid pace based on regulatory changes, product redesigns and internal departmental input. Managing these revisions to the English publications is challenging enough, then multiply that by managing foreign language versions and this process can become quite daunting.

If you could provide one tip for manufacturing companies starting their translation journey what would it be?

Karen: Start your content life-cycle with the end in mind. Get your LSP involved in the planning stages. A good LSP will guide you to the best possible efficiencies for setting up a translation program that fulfills your particular company’s needs. Whenever possible, allow plenty of time for your translators to do a thorough job. People tend to underestimate how long the process can take, especially if this is new territory for them and terminology needs to be established.
Join us at the AEM Product Safety and Compliance Seminar this April. Or reach out to either Tanya or Karen to find out more about how you can start or improve your translation and localization process.

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